Developer invests $40+ million in sustainable, environmentally-friendly infrastructure and land for new luxury residential enclave named Paradise Reserve

PHOENIX, Ariz. – (Feb. 13, 2009) – Three years, more than $40 million and an uncompromising vision is what it took to create one of Arizona’s largest hidden infrastructures for a residential project and environmental stewardship is at the heart of it all. Residential developer, Paradiso Development Corporation, has created what they refer to as Arizona’s first residential “horizontal high-rise” at Paradise Reserve, a luxury community bordering the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

Paradise Reserve opened in December and, as one of the last multi-acre parcels on the preserve, offers a lifestyle of prestige, exclusivity and environmental responsibility. The community features estate-sized properties nestled into hillside lots situated at the crossroads of Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and the popular Biltmore shopping district.

Sales began this month at Paradise Reserve and a key part of the community’s unique story is how the development team, project engineers and contracting teams created a living, breathing community that is a virtual extension of the mountain preserve in an intimate, boutique setting. The effort demanded complex foresight and active management, both earmarks of the developer’s unique methodology and commitment to the environment.

“The whole idea is that, ‘on the surface,’ it appears like we have done little to the land to retain its majestic desert beauty,” said Scott Patrick Schiabor of Paradiso Development Corporation, the developer of Paradise Reserve. “But in reality, we have created an immense 46-acre, underground infrastructure that has been built to maximize the longevity and investment value of the land while leaving little environmental impact. The benefit to the community is a pristine natural environment and the benefit to property owners is a brand-new, turnkey infrastructure upon which to build a desert dream home.”

To enhance the value of 46-plus acres of Paradise Reserve, the development team engaged the expertise of some of the world’s leading engineering and construction companies. Kitchell, one of the leading contractors and construction management firms in the U.S., worked with Paradiso on the project's infrastructure. In addition, engineering pioneer Kimberly-Horn and Associates, recently named one of nation’s top “Green” firms by the Engineering News Record, handled the on-site engineering challenges.

Among the key infrastructure accomplishments at Paradise Reserve is one of Arizona’s largest residential underground storm water harvesting facilities. This system collects rainwater and redistributes water back to the indigenous plants and landscaping in a nearby wash and in the process protects the fragile desert from erosion. The system also eliminates above-ground ponds while reducing evaporation that can negatively impact the dry desert climate. Carved out of 25 feet of solid stone, these underground retention ponds encompass two areas with dimensions of 70 feet wide by 80 feet long and 90 feet wide by 200 feet long. The state-of-the-art storage system is capable of storing and ecologically distributing up to one million gallons of rainwater. 

Paradiso also spared no expense in what they feel is the most important aspect of development: blending in, and coexisting with the natural environment. With the development's proximity to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, the Paradiso team’s objective was to protect the integrity of open desert space and create a living tribute to the Sonoran Desert landscape.

An extensive network of retaining walls constructed of native stone and designed to blend into the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, run throughout the community. The wall system is comprised of 5,935 tons – more than 13 million pounds – of native stone. To implement this engineering challenge, engineers Structural Grace, and construction manager, Kitchell, worked together to achieve the project vision, through time-honored “gravity” construction. Once the design was complete, expert masons from Bendigo Custom Stone hand-placed each stone. 

Another cornerstone of the Paradise Reserve design strategy was the preservation of a federally-protected wash that runs adjacent to the property. Through careful planning and working in tandem with the Army Corp of Engineers, the developer preserved the natural wash and exceeded federal guidelines. Woven wire mesh units – called Complex Gabion Baskets and Reno Mattresses – were painstakingly placed throughout the wash, laced together to stabilize the soil and offer flood and scour protection.

Schiabor and his Scott Patrick Family of Companies and partner, developer Bob Sahd, have developed numerous successful communities around the Southwest including projects in New Mexico, Texas and now Arizona. At the center of each development is a keen awareness of how homes can be integrated into a landscape that blends within the surrounding environment.

Paradise Reserve has 14 hillside lots available in Phase I. Prices range from $2.5 million to $5.5 million. Phase II will include 32 villa lots. Each custom home at Paradise Reserve will be built by approved builders with experience in luxury and environmentally-sound design.

About Paradise Reserve
Paradise Reserve is an extraordinary luxury residential development that represents a rare desert retreat in the heart of the city. It is one of the last private properties bordering the Phoenix Mountain Preserve located at the crossroads of Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Downtown Phoenix. Each of its heirloom estate properties is sensitively transformed to create the smallest environmental footprint while maintaining the highest luxury lifestyle available to its residents. Paradise Reserve is being developed by Paradiso Development Corporation. For more information, please visit

About Paradiso Development Corporation
Paradiso Development Corporation is the Arizona Development Company associated with Scott Patrick, Inc., a New Mexico-based residential developer emphasizing custom land planning, environmental design and distinctive homesites. For more information, please visit