Preserving Nature

Principles Into Practice

The Horizontal Highrise

Through sustainable design and development practices, the Paradiso team subtlety transformed this pristine property into a true “Desert Retreat in the Heart of the City.”
The partners recognized that before any high-end homes could be built on the acreage, a vast and unprecedented engineering effort was required to restore, protect and preserve the integrity and natural beauty of the land. Schiabor and Sahd soon discovered, along with their development partner Kitchell, that the sheer scale of the project would require an effort akin to building a “horizontal highrise” at the site, both above and beneath the property’s 40+ hillside acreage. The building process alone required attaining extensive permits and the following of strict guidelines. Paradiso invested over $40 million to preserve and improve the property’s infrastructure and make their dream a reality. And, if anyone can improve upon nature’s inherent beauty, it is the Paradise Reserve development team.

To prevent continued water erosion and future flooding, Paradiso fortified the age-old wash area. To protect the sensitive desert landscape, they created building envelopes and preservation easements to minimize grading and maximize the natural Preserve environment. Purposefully untouched areas were protected and 404 delineations were defined. Homesites were designed to preserve and take advantage of the best views for drama and screening. Natural rock outcrops were protected and hundreds of native plants were carefully cataloged and eventually replanted strategically throughout the hillside property.  Retaining walls were constructed of beautiful native stone to seamlessly frame and blend into the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.


Builder Guidelines

Carefully composed Builder Guidelines were developed by renowned, Taliesin trained architect, Craig Wickersham AIA, to help ensure that structures on the hillside property were always designed in keeping with nature. The stringent guidelines call for all design elements to be selected for their graceful integration into the Sonoran environment:  classic architectural style, a controlled palette of desert-sensitive colors, low profile natural roadways, unobtrusive lighting and natural materials such as clay tile roofs, imported custom brickwork and tumbled pavers. In addition, private pet and garden parks are being designed for the site with the natural environment in mind.

Make Your Escape

Whether your favorite escape is eighteen holes of golf or sipping wine on your private desert patio, only once in a lifetime does a chance like this come along where the city is your playground and the Preserve is your backyard. 
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